Five Unfriendly Habits That Damage Your Teeth

Teeth are essential and sensitive parts of the body as well as personality. Think of a smile minus teeth. People do not understand the benefits of taking care of their oral health until they begin experiencing teeth pain and by that time the damage is already done. You might always experience teeth issues e even after thoroughly brushing and flossing. This happens because of many oral habits that cause damage to the teeth. Most people are not aware of the unfriendly teeth habits and end up damaging their teeth.

The following are harmful oral habits that you should keep away from as much as possible.

Eating ice cream

hgdgd64Without any doubt, this behavior will damage your teeth severely. Most people are fond of chewing ice cream. They just love the habit without knowing that they are damaging their teeth. Occasional or frequent chewing will cause chipped teeth and damage to the living part of the teeth. So if your kids have the habit of chewing ice ensure that you let them know that it’s unhealthy and will cause damage to their teeth sooner or later. Instead, give them sugar-free gums to chew.

Chewing hard objects

Similarly to ice chewing, some kids have a habit of eating hard non-edible objects like pencil, pen among many others. The pattern wears the enamel of the tooth and causes headaches in the long run. Tell your kids to avoid placing pens in their mouth because it causes more harm than good.

Using teeth as a tool

This is another wrong habit for your teeth. Most people have a habit of using their teeth as a cutting tool or an opener. Furthermore, some people bite their nails, try to tear packets of snacks and much more, By doing this you weaken your teeth, and in the long run, you will fracture your teeth and cause jaw injury. Always remember that your teeth are not for doing foolish activities.

Constant snacking

If you have a habit of eating snacks all day long, then you must stop that habit. It can be devastating to your teeth. While snacking you produce little saliva that makes the foods to stick around and inside the teeth. Acids produce when the foods are broken down damages the teeth enamel. So stay away from that habit of constant snacking. If you have to take meals, then consume those with little sugar.

Teeth grinding

hdhd64Many people like grinding their teeth and clenching their jaws. In most cases, they do it unwillingly, especially at night. This might happen due to stress or anxiety. And that is not all. It also happens because of misalignment of teeth in the upper and lower jaw. If you are fond of grinding your teeth, then a mouth guard can help prevent the damage.

Now that you are aware of the poor oral habits, you must stay away from them as much as possible. Visit a dentist in NW Calgary for a regular check up. Avoid making your dental pain with pain killers and consult with a specialist in case you experience pain.…

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