This site is dedicated to providing materials for the education of tomorrow’s peacemakers – our children. The lesson plans on this site are being used by parents and educators all over the world.

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“This is a great project!”
from the United States

“I was very excited to see the development of the many courses that you are offering through your web site.”
from Canada

“I like the simplicity and easy overview of both your web site and the lessons posted therein.”
from the Netherlands Antilles

“I am just so happy to finally have found a site that can give me what I so desperately need – lessons!”
from the United Arab Emirates

“The materials for children’s spiritual education are practical, easy to follow, and professionally presented …”
from Australia

“Thanks so much for putting all this together.”
from Belgium

“I love your curriculum very much …”
from Taiwan

“Spiritual Education is an excellent site where lessons plans are available for downloading. It is an easy to use site and offers the busy teacher a lot of valuable resources.”
from the UK

“Your web site is amazing …”
from Canada

“I can see a lot of effort has gone into the preparation and the sequence is very logical and suitable.”
from Australia

“I am highly impressed with your site and I am excited to see something like this out there …”
from the United States

“What you have done will untie the hands of many teachers …”
from the United States