Exercises that can be done on a sit up bench

The majority of the people use sit-up bench to do only sit-ups. They do not consider the fact that this particular fitness equipment can be used for several exercises. Many believe that doing sit-ups will help them achieve a six-pack. It is only that they are not aware that abs are not made of several muscle groups.

You will be surprised to note that a sit-up is not the only exercise that can be done on a sit-up bench. In fact, if you do it a lot, you are likely to hurt your back. The best exercises you can do include traditional crunch, oblique crunch, knee pull-ins, and oblique.

How to do such exercises


You can adjust the sit-up bench to a particular incline, which you are fine with. Just position yourself well on the bench and then crunch your shoulders and the upper back off sit-up bench.tg2w3edrf7jwed8ik22

Oblique crunch

You can perform oblique crunch just the same way as a traditional crunch. Rather than crunching straight up, you should crunch to a given side, which targets obliques.

Weighed crunch

This is an advanced version of traditional crunch. You can do it as you hold the weight on the chest or even above the head. This will make it more of a challenge and offer you great results.

Partner toss

This adjusts a traditional crunch to mean that it works the lower abs and upper abs. You can have the partner toss the medicine ball as you sit on the bench. Then go down into the crunch position. As you come up, throw the ball to another person.

Kneel pull ins

In this case, you should adjust the sit-up bench to a 90-degree angle. As you sit on bench’s edge with hands behind the bum, extend the legs outwards and then slide downwards.tgwedfc6hwjed9k22

The above exercises can help you get a six-pack in a short period. It is advisable to have them in your excise regime. Doing them on a regular basis will help you get the most out of your sit-up bench. However, you need to purchase the right sit-up bench. Ensure you read reviews of the best adjustable and decline sit up benches first. Nowadays, there are several options you can get on the market. The right bench should have premium features.…

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